Ministry Teams



The purpose of A-team is to facilitate opportunities for the people of Grace on Campus to worship God. This includes planning out each Friday night and administratively organizing the larger events that take place throughout the year. A-team is also involved in contacting the leaders of other teams on a weekly basis in order to pray more effectively for the leaders of those teams, the teams themselves, and the body as a whole. Individuals who serve on A-team are administratively minded, responsible, organized, and have a heart to serve the body.


Opening Activities and Skits team exist to transition tired, distracted, and anxious hearts into worshipful ones ready for singing and teaching of the Word. The team will plan ahead to create activities and skits that are welcoming and encouraging to everyone. Some activities are even used to help GOC get to know their staffers and fellow students better. Individuals on Activities Team enjoy creating skits, are comfortable being in front of people, and have a discerning mind with laughter.

Bulletin Team

The Bulletin Team serves Grace on Campus by preparing the bulletins for each Friday. Not only does this ministry inform regulars of upcoming events, it also leaves newcomers with an idea of how GOC continues its ministry throughout the week. Therefore, people on this team are detail-oriented, communicative, interested in design and form, and have the ability to make content comprehensible and unambiguous.

Finance Team

Finance Team is responsible for managing Grace On Campus’ finances. This includes processing checks, handling reimbursements, overseeing offerings, maintaining an annual and quarterly budget, and coordinating records with GOC’s Shepherd and faculty at Grace Community Church. In addition to performing financial responsibilities for the entire ministry, Finance Team is also part of A-Team and contributes to its meeting discussions, planning, and in some cases, assisting with the coordination of ministry events.

Media Team

This team is responsible for creating promotional items (flyers, videos, etc.) and works closely with Web Team to provide strategic web content (pictures, design content, etc.). The main goal of Media Team is to help advance the Gospel clearly with the aid of various mediums. People on Media Team seek to spread the Gospel with their experience in design, digital imaging, photography, and video editing.

Skits and Activities Team

Activities Team exists to transition distracted, weary, and anxious hearts into worshipful ones through opening games and skits. The activities are designed to welcome and encourage the body through laughter, introduce staffers to students, offer perspectives on biblical matters, and present the Gospel to students at UCLA. People who serve on Activities Team are comfortable with attention, discerning in humor, and creative with ideas.

Web Team

The Grace on Campus website serves to aid communication within the body and to give an overview of the ministry to outside visitors on the web. Apart from maintaining the website as it is, the web team hopes to implement new features to ease certain challenges of administration in a fellowship group of 300+ people. Individuals on Web Team are programmers, graphic designers, and anyone with ideas for how to better serve Grace On Campus.


Music Team

Music Team exists to glorify God by facilitating worship through music for GOC meetings and events. The focus of Music Team members is not just to provide music, but to be godly examples of worship to Jesus Christ through their day-to-day lives. Music Team must not only prepare musically but also must serve with a heart overflowing with worship.

Sound Team

Sound Team serves to facilitate worship through the amplification and mixing of both the music and sermon audio during Friday night fellowship and events. Sound Team is responsible for transporting, setting up, tearing down the equipment each Friday and whenever audio/visual assistance is needed. Duties also include managing PowerPoint slides for the lyrics and announcements. Our hope as a ministry team is to help the body of Christ worship without hindrances or distractions.

Service and Helps

Care Team

Care Team serves God by serving the body of Christ through tangible acts of kindness, such as making encouragement cards, baking goodies, and other services. Our goal is that God would use this service to stir up, build up, and encourage individual members of the body, including our missionaries. Throughout the year, members on Care Team have the opportunity to plan and lead a project with other team members.

Childcare Team

The purpose of Childcare Team is quite simply to serve GOC staff with children who require childcare needs on Friday nights. By babysitting their kids during the Friday Bible study, staffers are able to listen to the sermon, thus equipping them to better counsel us in the context of what the fellowship is studying.

Rides Team

Rides Team serves by ensuring that each person who wants to attend Grace Community Church has a ride every Sunday. In addition to Friday night sign ups, Rides Team also manages requests to church via e-mail and phone. Their designated e-mail and phone number is and
(310) 694-5216.


Fishermen Team

Fishermen’s Team exists to send out laborers into the harvest to preach the gospel so that UCLA may proclaim Christ as Lord. "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." Luke 10:2. Our prayer is that we would learn to live a life of evangelism. There are designated times each day where men and women in our ministry are dedicated to going onto campus to share the gospel. It often causes fear and nervousness, but also excitement and joy! Fishermen’s Team serves as a means to help you and encourage our ministry to be active in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those on this campus.

Tabling Team

Tabling Team serves to inform people on the UCLA campus about our fellowship, church, and Christianity by providing materials and answering questions on Bruinwalk. On a regular week, the ministry has students that are members of Grace on Campus at the table on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They are there as a resource to anyone who wishes to find a Bible study, a church, or learn more about Christ and Christianity.


Follow-Up Team

Follow-Up Team serves to follow-up with individuals who are interested in finding a fellowship, a church, or more information about Christianity. When visitors fill out their information, whether at the GOC table on Bruinwalk, at GOC on a Friday evening, or at any other GOC event, individuals on Follow-Up team seek to serve and minister to their spiritual needs.

Welcome Team

Welcome Team seeks to demonstrate Christ’s love as people arrive at GOC by encouraging fellowship in the body and intentionally reaching out to newcomers. These are the friendly people who will first greet you, hand you a bulletin, and provide you with a nametag. v7