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November 14, 2015

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Friday Night Devotional by Chris Underhill, 11/13/2015
Almost every week, we have an “After Fellowship Fellowship” after GOC. Grace on Campus is often referred to as a “Christian Fellowship.” Fellowship is a word we use a lot, but I sometimes wonder if we really grasp what it is and how it works.

True Christian fellowship begins with the unity that every believer has with Jesus Christ. We have been called by God to fellowship in Him (I Cor. 1:9). When we were baptized, we declared to the world that we have died with Christ and have new, spiritual life in Him (Rom. 6:3-6).

Fellowship then extends to our relationships with other believers. We who commonly share in the death and resurrection of Christ, those who have fellowship with Christ, have fellowship with each other. Christ has united us, by the Spirit, in one body (I Cor. 12:13). As believers, we have fellowship with each other because of our common union to Christ in the Spirit and because of the mutual faith that we share. The nature of our fellowship together is first spiritual, but in practice spills out into the tangible realm. Those who share a spiritual union find it quite natural to also share their lives and livelihood (Acts 2:42-2:47).

Tomorrow, many of us will participate in our quarterly Dinner for 8. Dinner for 8 is my favorite GOC event and a great opportunity for fellowship. With the nature of fellowship in mind, let’s consider how we might strive for meaningful fellowship through our social interactions with other believers. Here’s just a few ideas for how we might participate in true Christian fellowship:

1. Remind each other of the reason why we have fellowship in the first place! Talk about Jesus Christ and what He did for us!
2. Serve others. Look to their interests before your own. With the attitude of Christ, regard others as more important than yourselves (Phil 2).
3. Build up another’s faith. Encourage one another, and stimulate others to love and good deeds (Hb. 10:24-25).
4. Seek to love others as Christ loved His disciples (John 13:34-35).

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