Songs From Friday, 11/10/16

Week 7 (Thursday) Opening Song: Jesus Paid it All Here Am I Before the Throne of God Above Cry in My Heart I Will Offer Up My Life Closing Song: May the Words of My Mouth (Psalm 19)

Testimony of the Week: Dawn Liang

Dawn is a third year neuroscience major who enjoys music, chilling, marveling at the complexities/beauty of God’s creation, and meeting people who read the GOC blog. Say hi if you see her! Here’s a lil bit about God’s amazing grace in my life. God presented me to parents who were new Christians, eager to grow ... continue reading

Songs From Friday, 11/04/16

Week 6 Opening: God of Wonders Praise to Jesus Christ Nothing but the Blood The Wonderful Cross Jesus, Thank You Song of Response: Speak, O Lord

Testimony of the Week: Albert Weng

Albert is a 4th year Biology major who enjoys drinking coffee and eating anything and everything. He is an adventurer at heart and loves a good hike or meteor shower. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t going to church each and every week. When I was growing up I remember getting up early ... continue reading

Songs from Friday, 10/28/16

Week 5 Opening: Give Us Clean Hands Son of God I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) Be Thou My Vision Power of the Cross  Song of Response: In Christ Alone

Songs from Friday, 10/21/16

Week 4 (Fall BBQ) No Other Savior by Starfield Man of Sorrows by Hillsong Boldly I Approach by Rend Collective Experiment Grace Alone by Dustin Kensrue

An Exhortation to Kindness

written by Olivia Chen  Each day, we come in contact with so many people. At school or in the workplace, we see fellow students, professors, or coworkers. With the mundane tasks of life—grocery shopping, grabbing your morning coffee, eating in the dining halls—we encounter check-out clerks, baristas, and food servers. Most of the people we ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Emily Chois

Emily is a 4th year Phy Sci major who likes human bio and talking to people. A few of her hobbies include cafe hopping, being in awe of God’s created nature and being a foodie. Like many, I grew up in the Christian church and was taught the basic foundations of Christianity – namely, the Bible ... continue reading

An Offering Far Too Small

written by Chris Gee If you had thirty seconds to open up the Bible and show someone what it says about the greatness of God, where would you take them? There are certainly many places in Scripture you could go, but one really good choice would be Isaiah 40. This monumental chapter speaks of how ... continue reading

The Danger of Doing Theology Without Your Bible

written by Justin McKitterick My son just started playing baseball. As someone who enjoys baseball and helps coach, going to practices and games has become a fun weekly ritual for our family. Each time we get ready to go to the field to play we have a little mental checklist. Cleats? Check. Ball? Check. Glove? ... continue reading