An Offering Far Too Small

written by Chris Gee If you had thirty seconds to open up the Bible and show someone what it says about the greatness of God, where would you take them? There are certainly many places in Scripture you could go, but one really good choice would be Isaiah 40. This monumental chapter speaks of how ... continue reading

The Danger of Doing Theology Without Your Bible

written by Justin McKitterick My son just started playing baseball. As someone who enjoys baseball and helps coach, going to practices and games has become a fun weekly ritual for our family. Each time we get ready to go to the field to play we have a little mental checklist. Cleats? Check. Ball? Check. Glove? ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Eve Teng

Eve is a second-year linguistics major from Taiwan. She enjoys walking, journaling, star/sea/cloud/tree-gazing, and eating sushi and dumplings.  Though my family was not Christian, I was exposed to certain “Christian morals” at a young age, such as no murdering, no cussing, no lying, no pre-marital sex, etc. I received these morals willingly and even built ... continue reading

Fear of the Lord

written by Sam Fong It’s been encouraging to read this blog! So when I was asked to write one, I knew it was a great opportunity to encourage. I’ve been procrastinating on writing this, though. My excuses sound something like, “I’ll write this when I have more time.” But it wasn’t really that I needed ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Joseph Wan

Joseph is a second year biology major at UCLA. He loves eating, playing basketball, and listening to music! By God’s grace, I was born and raised in a family with Christian parents. My parents faithfully brought me to church every Sunday, where I learned about God. During Sunday school, my teachers gave points and prizes ... continue reading

An Important Question: Do You Trust God?

written by Tim Peters Scripture teaches us that in this life we will face trials.  Job states this in Job 14:1, “Man, who is born of women, is short-lived and full of turmoil. . .” Jesus said it in John 16:33, “In this world you will have tribulation. . .” James also promises trials as ... continue reading

Redemption in Regret

written by Alyssa Lok You regret procrastinating on your ten-page paper due at midnight.  You regret eating Nutella even though you know very well that you’re allergic to nuts. And you really regret wearing shorts in the rain. Because now you’re sick. And may possibly have bronchitis. The fact of the matter is that life ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Millie Chang

Millie is a 3rd year materials engineering major who has been selected for jury duty, is allergic to ibuprofen, and marathons Lord of the Rings every time she goes home for break. By God’s grace, I grew up in a Christian home, attending church every Sunday with my family. I attended Sunday school, memorized Bible ... continue reading

Contentment +

written by Paul Ushijima The other day I was with a pastor who was relating the joy and challenges of ministry. He told me that he sometimes talks to graduated GOC’ers who struggle spiritually and comment that they cannot find the discipleship and accountability they want in their local church. He asked me what I ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Linda Gee

I love hanging out with Chris and our two little boys and peppering them (okay, mostly the younger one) with kisses and hugs. My family moved to America when I was just seven years old. Thanks to the kindness and outreach of some Christians, my parents were exposed to the gospel very quickly after we ... continue reading