Tossed To and Fro

Friday Night Devotional by David Chow, 2/26/16 Have you ever been on a boat hit by heavy waves, or in a car during a blizzard where the wind pushed the vehicle side to side? I have been in both situations and it is as if I had no control of my life whatsoever. One moment ... continue reading

Let Your Kingdom Come

written by Jessica Lin During winter break, I had the opportunity to visit Taiwan. From being squished on crowded subways to sitting in the bullet train, I was constantly whizzing by countless cities, buildings, and faces. And in moments of reflection, as I gazed at my surroundings, my heart sank. In a country with an estimated ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Rachel Tu

Rachel is a first-year Design | Media Arts major who loves doodling, chasing sunrises & sunsets, doing morning workouts, journaling, meowing & watching corgi videos, having one-on-one convos, and delighting in God’s grace! I’m your typical pew baby—I “said the sinner’s prayer” in elementary school at a VBS-sports camp and was baptized in sixth grade. ... continue reading

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Friday Night Devotional by William Kwok, 2/19/2016 Although there are many narratives in the Bible, there is one central underlying story that ties all the different threads of Scripture together. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture reveals the story of God’s purpose and plan for redeeming mankind from sin. The story begins with Creation and the Fall, ... continue reading

A Tight Grip on a Crumbling World

written by Emily Chois For the longest time, I told myself to study hard for the glory of God. After all, He gave me this chance to study at a school I didn’t even think I was worthy of going to. I was going to improve my grades, my GPA and get into optometry school ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Michael Lin

Michael is a sophomore at UCLA studying biochemistry. He likes playing soccer, blasting k-pop in his room, and pretending to be good at basketball. Michael enjoys rap and beat-boxing but can only do the latter. My parents used to always tell me how auspicious it was that I was born under the light of the full ... continue reading

Blessed is the Man…

Friday Night Devotional by Daniel Stevens, 2/12/16 What is the happy life? It’s a question raised by philosophers and theologians, economists and politicians. And really, it’s a question that everyone tries to answer. The major you pick, the job you pursue, the relationships you form – all of it is an attempt to find the ... continue reading

God is Worthy

written by Davin Hau In this post I’d like to examine this simple statement: God is worthy.  The reason I chose to look into this truth because I firmly believe we can glorify God better when we see His immeasurable worth more clearly.  We glorify God through the decisions we make, when our priority in ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Jeremy Wong

Jeremy is currently a first year at UCLA, studying Business Economics. His hobbies include drinking boba, playing acoustic guitar, and playing basketball. He also enjoys meeting new people and trying new things (like food). Growing up in a Christian family was both a blessing and a stumbling block for me in my earlier years. The ... continue reading

Making Time to Pray

Friday Night Devotional by Kevin Nishinaga, 2/5/2016 Are you busy? Too busy to pray? You probably wouldn’t say that out loud, but what do your prayer habits demonstrate? Consider Christ’s example: “But the news about Him was spreading even farther, and large crowds were gathering to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses. ... continue reading