Christmas Graphics for Download

Hi guys! This holiday season, Media Team has created an assortment of graphics that are available for download and use on our phones, computer desktops, and cover photos! Hopefully these will encourage us and remind us of the true reason why we celebrate Christmas. Check them out on our Google Drive! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Testimony of the Week: Michael Chan

Michael Chan graduated from UCLA in 2014 and attended Grace On Campus for all 4 years of his undergraduate studies. He currently works as an engineer in the Bay Area and goes to church at Redeemer Bible Fellowship in Mountain View. In his free time he enjoys driving fast cars, cheering on Bay Area sports ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Ryan Javier

Ryan is a fifth year physiological sciences major who just finished his undergrad courses this quarter. He enjoys watching and playing most sports (especially basketball) and is down to just hang out. I was raised in a Catholic believing family. Growing up, I even attended a Catholic elementary school. What I remember being taught there ... continue reading

Finals Week Encouragement

written by Shannon Armstrong Late Nights. Midnight Yell. Powell. Notecards. Ramen. Scantrons. Broken Printers (always seemed to happen right when I needed to print a final paper). Freedom. These are some of the things I think of when I think back to my college finals week. It is a time when you don’t know exactly ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Naomi Hamada

Naomi is a second year chemical engineering major at UCLA. She loves running (kind of quickly), reading (kind of slowly), coffee (black), and hanging out with people (always)–let her know if you’re down to chat! I was born into a Christian family, and spent my childhood going to church, memorizing Bible verses, and hearing Bible ... continue reading

Testimony of the Week: Matthew Wai

Matthew Wai is a pre-med Physiological Science major who also serves as the Focus Bible Study leader. He currently works at the UCLA rock climbing wall, loves to play tennis, and dances in his free time. I had a pretty good life before I came to know Christ. I was a typical short Asian kid ... continue reading

Why Small Groups?

Friday Night Devotional by Matt Ng, 11/20/2015 If you’ve been at Grace on Campus for any length of time, you probably know that one of our primary means of ministry is small groups. But why exactly do we have small groups? Here are three reasons why we believe small groups are beneficial for our ministry:

Testimony of the Week: Louise Koo

Louise is a 4th year psychobiology major at UCLA. She loves to bake, listen to music, and have one-on-one conversations! I grew up attending church in Glendale, but my memory of this church is very faint. I remember learning that Jesus loves me through Bible stories and songs, but I did not know what it ... continue reading

Christian Fellowship

Friday Night Devotional by Chris Underhill, 11/13/2015 Almost every week, we have an “After Fellowship Fellowship” after GOC. Grace on Campus is often referred to as a “Christian Fellowship.” Fellowship is a word we use a lot, but I sometimes wonder if we really grasp what it is and how it works.

Testimony of the Week: Ryan Chin

Ryan is a third year Material Science and Engineering student at UCLA. Some of his hobbies include playing basketball and going snowboarding. Ryan enjoys hanging out with people, so don’t be shy to say hi!  I was born and raised in a Christian family. I went to church weekly because my parents always encouraged me to go. Instead ... continue reading